Salzgeber represents a selection of films internationally. Working together with our filmmakers, we offer recent festival hits, exciting new features and also restored classics to festivals and distributors outside of Germany.

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World Premiere Berlin IFF 2023 Panorama

a film by Hannes Hirsch

Moritz (22) follows his boyfriend Jonas to Berlin only to be abandoned by him within a few weeks. For some time he finds security with the older Noah, but then moves on. He changes his looks and dives into the city’s vibrating techno world. He learns to express his repressed desires, but he also starts to lose himself in drugs and emotional alienation. With the help of his queer friends, Moritz develops his own ideas of sexuality and masculinity, leading him a little closer to himself.

World Premiere Rotterdam IFF

a flm by Harvey Rabbit

Father Gaylord ran away to the church to avoid being gay, but he’s not doing a very good job. Meanwhile, his alien ex-lover Queen Bitch is plotting to turn the Earth into a homosexual planet during a cosmic event. Queer super hero Captain Faggotron is caught in the middle. Clashing ideologies culminate in an orgy of gay demons and a love that no longer has to hide.


a film by Monika Treut

Monika Treut revisits the queer protagonists of her ground-breaking documentary „Gendernauts“ (1999), who once were the pioneers of the trans movement in San Francisco. Today only a few of them can still afford to live in the city. How have their lives changed in the intervening years?


a film by Monika Treut

Monika Treut takes an illuminating and compassionate look at the world of transgender identity, as seen through portraits of some of San Francisco’s leading gender mixers.


a film by Gitta Gsell

Beyto, a young Swiss man with Turkish roots, falls in love with his swimming coach Mike. His parents lure him into their Turkish home village and organize a wedding with Beyto’s childhood friend Seher. The situation is tearing Beyto apart.


a film by Christian Schäfer

The quiet 17-year-old loner Paul likes strange things. His mysterious nature catches the eye of classmate Dala and art-loving teacher Mr. Bulwer. Then a boy’s dead body is discovered in the forest…