a film by Wieland Speck

Germany 1985, 96 minutes, German
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Polish, Dutch

fully restored and remastered

starring Rainer Strecker, Sigurd Rachman, Sasha Kogo, Frank Redless


Berlin in the mid-Eighties. Felix from West Berlin and Thomas from East Berlin only live a few kilometres apart from each other – but still in completely different worlds. Between them lies the Berlin Wall, they can only see each other once a week for a few hours. As their love grows, each forced separation becomes more and more painful. Ultimately, Thomas only sees one solution: to escape the GDR, via Prague into the West, to Felix.

“Westler“ is a film about love in a time when the Berlin Wall separated friends, families and couples from each other. Director Wieland Speck and his team partly had to film with a secret camera in East Berlin. They were rewarded with insights into a city that doesn’t exist like this anymore – as well as with authenticity and raw beauty. 34 years after its release, this classic of Queer Cinema was published on DVD in a digitally restored version.

with English subtitles


with English subtitles